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Digitally Analogue

It was just before Christmas when Kenyans came home to find that their local TV stations had faded to black, leaving us instead with a message to explain their sudden blackout. The three The Standard Group, Nation Media Group and Royal Media services (aka KTN, NTV, QTV and Citizen TV) did so in protest of the looming switch from an analogue platform to a digital one. When their case against the CCK was thrown out by Justice David Majanja the three took action and went off air until Christmas evening.

Once they were on air once more the three went back to court to appeal the decision, meanwhile the courts ordered the migration to proceed and as a result those who had not bought the Universal Set Top Boxes worth approximately 5,000 shillings and lived in Nairobi and its environs woke up Monday morning to find nothing but the white rainy look of an unturned TV set- translation: They had been cut off! Prompting some Kenyans to rush to their nearest retailer, to tighten their belts and pur…