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Round 2, Lala Salama (There's Still Time to Jump Ship) & Peace Above All Else.

It has been quite a last few days what with politicians running themselves dizzy in search of those last few votes desperate to make the most of the last few days available to them to politic and market themselves as the best candidate to lead the country for the next 5 years.

For those who still hadn’t made up their minds or just wanted something in the way of a laugh or some home grown drama there was Round 2 of the presidential debate. Mohamed Abduba Dida was your man if you wanted a good laugh or some proverbs and morally correctness. He at one point asked ‘Do you expect a thief to accept that they have stolen?  He was not the only one to respond to a question with a question or proverb of his own as Raila Odinga too was in the mood to throw verbal missiles of his own when he pointedly stated: 'You cannot allow a Hyena to protect your goats' To which Uhuru turned and glared angrily.

But then at one point the one time teacher asked a question that made me wonder where he’d be…