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We will leave...when you do..!

Placards and chanting marked the arrival of the Civil Society of Kenya members onto Education minister Sam Ongeri’s Jogoo house door step; the fact that the 2nd floor office was empty did not deter the crowd’s single minded determination. Thus was the scene at the sit in on its second day. The 10 who padlocked the minister’s office door and vowed with whistles and chants of ‘Ongeri must go’ that they would not budge until the beleaguered minister packs up and vacates the office he has held since
So strong was this groups will that not even a 3 hour stint at the Central Police Station could dampen their fervour as they swiftly returned to the business at hand, continuing their camp out saying that they had enough money and food and would forgo their showers for a month if need be.

The free primary education funds scandal was thrust back into the spotlight and public consciousness when the results of an audit conducted by the Treasury were released early last week. Figures in the rep…