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Hand of God... 2.0

The last time we heard of this rare occurrence was in 1986 at the world cup quarter-final match between the Argentines and the English. The match was poised to end in a 0-0 draw when Diego Maradona scored a last gasp goal- and broke England fans hearts- by punching the ball into the net, after the game the Argentine was staunchly unapologetic and insisted that the goal came courtesy of the 'hand of God'.
Once again, the 'hand of God' seems to be rising form the ashes in the form of Thierry Henry's goal on Wednesday night against Ireland in a match to earn a spot in next years eagerly anticipated World Cup in South Africa.
After the goal Henry is seen gesturing towards the heavens in what seemed to be gratitude to the divine.
This kind of cheating would be non existent if football went the way of Cricket, Tennis and Rugby in employing high tech methods in making judgment calls. It has been seen in past matches that the human eye fallible, video technology would help…

Out you go...

After a month or so of nothing but promises and talk, the government delivered the much needed evictions from the burnt out, and often mistreated forest.After the announcement was made the residents seemed to vent their displeasure on the trees by hacking them down and starting fires more rapidly than ever before. Like a child who is told they are about to lose their most loved possession; and in retaliation break it.
On the whole the eviction was a good first step in reclaiming the once highly productive water tower, but the actual eviction should have undergone better planning.You cannot kick out a person out of one place without finding them another place of residence - it only creates more unneeded problems. The end result is that we now have another set of people camped out - at the fringes of the forest - using up the relief food that should have rightfully gone to the displaced. As a result of this lack of planning and proper thought, we, the Kenyans will be asked once again it…