Out you go...

After a month or so of nothing but promises and talk, the government delivered the much needed evictions from the burnt out, and often mistreated forest.After the announcement was made the residents seemed to vent their displeasure on the trees by hacking them down and starting fires more rapidly than ever before. Like a child who is told they are about to lose their most loved possession; and in retaliation break it.
On the whole the eviction was a good first step in reclaiming the once highly productive water tower, but the actual eviction should have undergone better planning.You cannot kick out a person out of one place without finding them another place of residence - it only creates more unneeded problems. The end result is that we now have another set of people camped out - at the fringes of the forest - using up the relief food that should have rightfully gone to the displaced. As a result of this lack of planning and proper thought, we, the Kenyans will be asked once again it dig in to our ever shallow pockets, and find the money to support this new creation.
Those in power also promised the evictees medical check-ups and transport out of the area; neither of which arrived.
Now, it stands to reason that when one makes a promise the very least they are expected to do is follow through on it.
The evictees' sit-in began when agriculture minister William Ruto visited the site and told the poor homeless folks not to take one more step until they get what is due to them.
These people left their unharvested crops in the forest, do they really think they'll be let back in - the now heavily guarded area - to harvest it? They obviously did not take the notice to vacate seriously, isn't the purpose of a deadline to give one warning to cease?
So in actuality both the government and the scorned evictees are to blame for their present problems.


  1. A very well known and respected geologist (name with-held) wrote a report on the geological make-up of the soil around the building that is the parliament now and predicted in no certain terms that very soon the earth shall open up and swallow the building whole. I pray to the forces that be to hasten this process and allow us to go to the ballot asap and bring in a new breed of leaders. The present ones are more of a liability than anything else. The good book says that if we repent, cry out and return to Him, He shall be gracious and will listen to our wailing...Swallow them.


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