Of Ng'an'galito and his talent search

Ati what? Ng'anga, a talent scout.... lord help us all! This news reminds me of the just concluded TPF3 and judge Ian Mbugwa's never ending cynicism and frustration at some truly cringe worthy auditions. And the fact that the man himself-Ng'anga- was on probation a total of six times, much more than any other contestant on all previous seasons.How did he make it to the finale? I'm still bamboozled!
Ian and other seemingly harsh judges like him brings me to the question: who on earth will judge the contestants? Surely not Ng'an'galito himself!
And people, the man is Kenyan why the Spanish add on? Where did that one come from? Unfortunately or fortunately it seems to have stuck to him like glue.
Another thing, I've just realised how the format of the up-coming show is a copy-paste of America's got talent which concluded last night on NTV with Bianca Ryan walking away with the million dollars - which I must say was well deserved.
Can we please come up with more original programme concepts?
I do hope however that the search is able to showcase the great amount of untapped talent in this country.
Whoever the judges are, I hope that they will be firm, no-nonsense experts who are unafraid to criticise.


  1. Very insightful and objective. But I have to say one thing about kenyan shows...they can be really really irritating.
    I tend to think they are below mediocrity when it comes to the energy the put into the show, and also the singers do not put much efforts. I am not asking for them to be like American Idol, but I think there is a lot they can do to spice up the show.
    These goes for the dancing competition too.

  2. You would think there would be more originality. All this reality shows are a terrible contrived version of the either the Real World or American Idiol...but I guess its a departure from the Vioja mahakamani etc..

  3. one thing we must all agree on, that is proven by Kenyan television over and over again is that...we are copycats!! Or how else can you explain programmes like 'Sakata' TPF? Given an option, i'd rather watch Mzee Kajwang do flip flops twice over, because it is quite amazing to watch a fullygrown man jump up and land firmly in his wife's outstretched hands. But I digress. Once we stop imitating and tell our own Kenyan stories in our own Kenyan voice, we will be firmly on the way to give Nollywood a run for its money.


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