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Common sense dictates that when something explodes or the earth starts to move under ones feet, when nature or man unleashes their unparalleled fury upon human kind we run in the opposite direction to the approaching or in some cases loud signs of danger and forthcoming and premature ejection from this thing we call life. Our innate and primary instinct would push most every person to walk or run as far away from the noise dust and flying debris as possible, to do anything to attain the simple goal of staying alive.

This is what any normal and sensible person would and should do in these rather extraordinary circumstances. Kenyans however seem to be an alien species to which the above is of no consequence and who is prone to rather non sensible and bone headed behaviour. Time and time again we as a people (not all of us- I hope) refuse to do the right thing instead, like you rookie reporters fresh out of university the whole country (one county at a time) troops en mass, eyes first in…