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Ahadi Si Ahadi.

This statement- which means a promise is not a promise- was proved right 6 days ago when two churches where grenade bombed, on an otherwise peaceful Sunday the majority Muslim county was shaken to its core and found its way into the national headline as 17 people lost their lives in what was considered a safe place.
What happened in the hours and days after is something Kenyans have become used to. A fast and furious salvo of condemnation was heaped upon the masked gunmen and their heinous actions, with both MPs and the International Community rebuking the attacks. Next came the sombre and solemn visits to the scene of the crime by our MPs smartly dressed and talking very tough they stepped off their helicopters with no less than a heard of security leading and trailing their every step, vigilant and on the highest of alerts, guards and police where everywhere forming a hard protective human shell around the VIPs, here everyone was screened and scrutinised with the finest of fine tooth…