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Everyone's Scared & Running Away.

Tourism has long been akin to fuel essential to the function of a car. Essential to this country as food is to the human body. And the tourists- mostly international who have repeatedly chosen Kenya- its coast, wild life sanctuaries, hotels and beach front resorts as the place to while away their summer or escape the frigid cold of their Christmas holidays. The revenue they bring has been the life blood and lively hood of more than 7500 people have lost their jobs in the tourism industry in the last few months alone.

Tourism is under any normal circumstances a thriving and lucrative cash cow that never fails- well almost never..Due to the recent spate of attacks on the country be Al Shabab terrorists who have actively shot at, massacred, bombed and lobbed grenades at office buildings, apartment blocks, and even some churches, throwing in the WestGate mall last September just to create a heightened sense of fear and terror.
With all this insecurity it is no wonder why the tourism indust…