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The Immovable Rock.

There’ll surely be no other quite like ‘Mitch’ as John Njoroge Michuki was nicknamed by his peers. He was admitted to the Aga Khan University Hospital in the Capital were he would later succumb to a heart attack and as foreign dignitaries, peers and members of his family and friends said their last goodbyes and laid him to rest at his burial at Kangema in Murang’a earlier this week we sit back and take stock of a life well lived- he was 80- we will all remember his unshakable belief in doing what was right even though at times it made him unpopular and reviled by some.
Hate him or love him Michuki stood firm for what he believed in, ruthless and no nonsense on corruption and those who practiced it, focussed and driven could all be used to describe the man who began life in Kangema. He both adhered to the rule of law and bent it in equal measure. As the minister for transport he inspired love and adoration from the public and hatred form some in the Matatu sector with his strict and uny…