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The Verdict.

After a week of arguing with each side eager for the six justices of the Supreme Court to hear their side of the events that led up to and culminated in the beleaguered and at times error plagued IEBC declaring Kenya’s 4th president: Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta- the son of Jomo Kenyatta the countries first leader.
It would all come down to a few minutes on Saturday 28th March half way through the long Easter weekend for the judges to hand down the news that would change both men’s near futures. The court’s unanimous ruling would force one of the two to go back to the drawing board and begin choosing and plotting some way forward. One thing was for sure though; the news would make one man very happy and the other; well sad and disappointment probably paled in comparison to what Raila Odinga felt as he stood in front of the press corps that evening to thank the Supreme Court, accept their decision and wish his competitor for the most coveted seat in the land the best of luck in his new post.