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Grenades, Footballs and everything in between

The world cup has enthralled and monopolised both my time and my sleep and all though I have born witness to every game so far and will continue to do so until the final whistle is blown on July the 11th I am not completely oblivious to the goings on around the country. So this will serve as a quick catch before I resume my place at the sofa in front of the box that will transport me to SA.
In the few weeks since I last stroked the keys of this keyboard, and sat before this blank page to compose my thoughts. Three grenades have exploded at Uhuru Park. It was a Sunday like any other and the politicians of the No campaign thought it a good idea to hold a campaign at the park to air their on all that is wrong with the document. It was going well until an explosion somewhere in the crowd brought the proceedings to a halt; this happened twice more killing 5 people and injuring 79. It seemed all too unreal to me as I caught up with the news, as if something out of an action movie... but thi…