Grenades, Footballs and everything in between

The world cup has enthralled and monopolised both my time and my sleep and all though I have born witness to every game so far and will continue to do so until the final whistle is blown on July the 11th I am not completely oblivious to the goings on around the country. So this will serve as a quick catch before I resume my place at the sofa in front of the box that will transport me to SA.
In the few weeks since I last stroked the keys of this keyboard, and sat before this blank page to compose my thoughts. Three grenades have exploded at Uhuru Park. It was a Sunday like any other and the politicians of the No campaign thought it a good idea to hold a campaign at the park to air their on all that is wrong with the document. It was going well until an explosion somewhere in the crowd brought the proceedings to a halt; this happened twice more killing 5 people and injuring 79. It seemed all too unreal to me as I caught up with the news, as if something out of an action movie... but this was no Hollywood manufactured million dollar blockbuster movie, but an all too real act of violent madness.
As of now no culprits have been brought to book, but the government have categorically stated that the weapons (identified from their remains) are not govt. issued. Well, I didn't think we had grenades... Help has been sought from the Israelis, and goodness knows we need it!
It was inevitable that this tragedy would lead to bickering amongst the two camps and as August 4 draws closer, the lines continue to be drawn in the sand, and the tug of war between the two teams continues, and I for one can not wait for August 4 to come and go.

We also have ourselves not one but two serial killers who have, whether deliberately -or not - reached the pinnacle of infamy and have brought into public awareness the existence of cults in the country.
phillip Onyancha is now something of a house hold name, he is the man who set himself a goal; to kill a 100 people, before he achieved his feat he turned himself into police and even gave the cops a walk down memory lane and showing them where he'd burried the bodies of his victims. He them proceeded to give us all an incit into his warped world. He says he was inducted into the cult in high school by a teacher... so educating isn't the only thing these mouldres of young minds are responcible for!
Earlier this week (this post has taken me two weeks - as opposed to a day - to write, blame my obsession with football)Onyancha, who is behind bars was declared unfit to stand trial by a court who said that he should instead be hospitalized and psychiatriclly evaluated by no less than 3 doctors... 3 of them, what then happens to the other people in need of a psychiatrist? The court then declared that the findings be given to them on July 19th.

Onyancha claimed the killings were part of a ritual after he was recruited into a cult by his former CRE and Kiswahili teacher. He also claims that they would drink the blood of those they'd killed. Does the word vampire come to mind?
The Prime Minister Raila Odinga this week gave all of us a scare when he was operated on on Wednesday to relieave a Subdural Hematoma a form of traumatic brain injury which entails the gathering of blood within the outer and inner brain membrane. He only went in complaining of a headache and eager to catch the football match later, only to end up on an operating table. He is however fine and gathering strength from his hospital bed, this just proves you can't keep a good man down.
Now I must go and indulge my football fanaticism with the Brazil v. Netherlands match, it should be a great game.


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