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Earlier this week Jacob Zuma tied his fifth knot! To many living outside South Africa - where polygamy is practiced by 'traditionalists' of which the ANC leader is one - Zuma's choice is baffling and a multicomplication. I cannot see the logic of this choice except if the president were in competition with King Mswati of Swaziland; in which case he had better quit as the King has a jaw dropping 13 wives (as of 08)!
These men are truly in a league of their own. One can't help but wonder why inflict such inevitable complications on yourself. Most may men have trouble dealing with just one wife what of 5 or 13?
It is a fact that these men are considerably wealthier than the average man but in my mind that doesn't even begin to justify polygamy.
If you are like me you have not been keeping count of Mr. Presidents many spouses so here is a breakdown courtesy of The right perspective
He is still married to his first wife, Sizakele Khumalo, whom he met in 1959. Not much i…

Never prepared

The recent flooding and prevalence of El Nino in certain parts of the country and the recently ended matatu strikes exposed the country as grossly unprepared for nature's revenge.
As the rain poured down on parts of Pokot, Baringo, Turkana, Marakwet districts, and other regions in the North Rift unrelenting and swift in its displacement of thousands. The response to this natural wrath has always been lethargic and uncoordinated. The Disaster Response and Management Unit - yes the country has one - located in the office of the president has been like a caged and incapacitated animal in assisting Kenyans in their plight.
The gaping hole left by the government is valiantly filled by NGO's such as the Red Cross who's first response is critical in life saving.
The priorities of the government seem to be askew as they flew out to affected zones a week after the floods occurred. The money used to fly several ministers to and from these sights could go to the relief efforts such…

Old baggage and New years

Well it's another brand new year with which to make more comical error and only minimal strides into a deep dark uncertain future; somewhere in the distance we will come upon the end of the tunnel and see the light... I hope. I have to say though that I have developed a healthy scepicism when it comes to politics and the people who partake in the practice.
It's 2010 but Kenya still suffers from a case of unsolved issues, we continue to lag with us baggage from last year. The large black plastic bags weighing heavy on our shoulders hold in them the unfulfilled promise of a new constitution that we've been waiting on since 03 when the then NARC presidential candidate Mwai Kibaki promised us among other things a constitution in about a year or so. Last year the issue was again resurrected, and dusted off; the result of which was the harmonised draft constitution. And so we wait to see this year whether any end roads will be made in bringing us what we want.
The last year was …