Old baggage and New years

Well it's another brand new year with which to make more comical error and only minimal strides into a deep dark uncertain future; somewhere in the distance we will come upon the end of the tunnel and see the light... I hope. I have to say though that I have developed a healthy scepicism when it comes to politics and the people who partake in the practice.
It's 2010 but Kenya still suffers from a case of unsolved issues, we continue to lag with us baggage from last year. The large black plastic bags weighing heavy on our shoulders hold in them the unfulfilled promise of a new constitution that we've been waiting on since 03 when the then NARC presidential candidate Mwai Kibaki promised us among other things a constitution in about a year or so. Last year the issue was again resurrected, and dusted off; the result of which was the harmonised draft constitution. And so we wait to see this year whether any end roads will be made in bringing us what we want.
The last year was permeated with the air of scams and scandals chief among them and most recent is the Free Primary Education scandal where billions of shillings were misappropriated. As a result of the discovery there have been calls for Education Minister Sam Ongeri's resignation... and as usual the minister won't budge. President Kibaki has ordered an investigation into the matter and on that front I am sceptical of any meaningful results because, as history has shown us cases that are investigated never quite leave that stage.
Even more deplorable is the governments continued inability or slow pace to relocate and house the IDP's of 2007 PEV.
09 was the year when those residing in the Mau forest were evicted and although this is a great leap forward for the environment this was not too good for the evictees who are as yet camped out at the edge of said forest. The government should aim to move them to proper homes this year before they proceed with further evictions from the depleted water tower. 09 was not all doom and gloom though, as Michuki was back and taking a hacking at all noise makers, in this the environment minister did not discriminate as the new law applies to everyone from juakali workers to touts and matatu music to street vendors and loud preachers wether in the street or in church. These rules to homes and clubs too.
Needless to say that more than a few people were more than unhappy with the no-nosense regulations, but knowing the minister there will be no letup on these laws.
In a recent poll taken by Infotrak Harris Kenyans said they were pleased with the country's infrastructure which they say has improved.
One of the sore points addressed by the poll is the rate of unemployment in the country.
With that said it is clear that President Kibaki and his ministers have more than enough old baggage to sort through. 2012 is still a while away, a novel concept for our leaders to test out: Put politics on the backburner, roll up their sleeves and dig firmly into the bags delivered to them by the year 2009 and solve each problem with a commitment to the nation that they were elected to serve.


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