Never prepared

The recent flooding and prevalence of El Nino in certain parts of the country and the recently ended matatu strikes exposed the country as grossly unprepared for nature's revenge.
As the rain poured down on parts of Pokot, Baringo, Turkana, Marakwet districts, and other regions in the North Rift unrelenting and swift in its displacement of thousands. The response to this natural wrath has always been lethargic and uncoordinated. The Disaster Response and Management Unit - yes the country has one - located in the office of the president has been like a caged and incapacitated animal in assisting Kenyans in their plight.
The gaping hole left by the government is valiantly filled by NGO's such as the Red Cross who's first response is critical in life saving.
The priorities of the government seem to be askew as they flew out to affected zones a week after the floods occurred. The money used to fly several ministers to and from these sights could go to the relief efforts such as emergency medical care food and shelter.
Although the metrological department is wrong more often than not; they continually urged Kenyans to continue to brace themselves against more rains, it seems like the long awaited El Nino is finally with us and as the rains are scheduled to continue until mid next month we best be prepared.


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