A Vat of Hot Soup.

Earlier this week Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza and Environment Minister Chirau Ali Mwakwere found themselves stewing in the scalding hot soup when the law finally came to bare on them. In picture of golden shining much needed proof that the constitution- which was signed in 2010 after of unrest in 2007 and a decade’s long struggle to change the old antiquated laws- could work.
The suspended DCJ must be cursing the Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko who levelled charges against her for assaulting and threatening to kill Rebecca Kerubo a security guard on December 31st of last year at the Village Market Shopping Mall she is also charged with threatening to breach the peace, if convicted the Lady Justice stands to lose everything she has worked so very hard for- not only  her plum (golden egg) job as the DCJ but also her very freedom being carted off to jail for 10 years.
 As expected the fiery and feisty lawyer exercised her constitutional right as she fought the recommendation with the same laws that are working against her as she and her lawyer filed a notice of appeal against the tribunal that has found her unfit to hold her office and in so doing-as a last ditch effort to save her career- will also be appealing to her boss and CJ Dr Willy Mutunga and four other members.
As mentioned earlier Mijikenda Member of Parliament Ali Mwakwere is also a rather discontented fellow as he lost an attempt to block his arrest over hate speech he’s alleged to have made way back in 2010 during a Matuga- his constituency- by-election.
 Mwakwere wanted to halt his appearance in court as doing so would force the MP to vacate his cabinet seat to allow for investigations that will surely follow. He stated that: “My rights shall be grossly violated by facing charges of expressing myself about the injustices suffered by the people at the coast and which injustices have been acknowledged,” His case which was due to be heard late last week will now be heard on the 15th of this month because Mwakwere apparently did not receive summons that he was to appear in court on the 9th- another delay tactic if you ask me. The Minister like Baraza stands to lose his highly paying job if he is found guilty of the hot button accusation.
Rebecca Kerubo can now savour this victory and as she does so Kenyans can now more clearly see the fruits of their long laboured for constitution, as the scales of justice look more balanced than they have ever been as the proof is usually in  actions rather than the often meaningless and empty promises of those in power these and other cases- like that of three vernacular Musicians- has shown the bull dog that is the law and in extension the constitution is no longer a pup but full sized with teeth set to bite down hard on anyone -rich or impoverished- who contravenes it. The law is now capable of holding all people accountable, thus setting all Kenyans to a –hopefully- higher moral standard than ever before.


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