Thank you and...

To all who will read this,
I just wanted to take some time out and thank you all for reading my blog and for your continued loyalty to my musings!
 I also wanted to tell you that when you visit next you can either sign up to have this blog delivered to your mailbox or sign into this site and follow me that way!
You also have the option of following me on Twitter by clicking the followmeontwitter tab, that way you'll be the first to know when I make a new post.
Lastly if you're wondering what happened to the CrazyArtist blog: I deleted it because I felt that I was neglecting it.
Thank you so much for your continued support of KenyanIdiot for the past three years (wow, it's been that long!)
I hope you will all continue to enjoy my thoughts and opinions on all that is Kenyan!
Many Thanks,


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