It's all over... Not just yet!

Congratulations world, we're all still here!
It has been five days since the world was prophesied to come to a clattering, crashing, crescendo. The hour of doom was to have been 6pm Saturday May 28th. It came and went for me as many had in the past and as I settled down to the tv, I couldn't help but think of 89 year old Harold Camping a retired civil engineer whose followers must have thought this second time luck for the faux profit who first tried his luck in 1994. Apparently being burnt once does not make you shy the second time.
Mr. Campings blush with prophetical embarrassment reminded me of the house of Yahweh whose leader; yet another American, Yisrayl Hawkins predicted, falsely that the world would end before 12th September 2006 and advised his followers to build bunkers in case of the nuclear war that would result. The sect began here in Kenya in 1997, their followers sold everything they owned and moved into their newly built cave like bunkers some of Mr. Campings followers did the same, poor souls!
I was hardly over the rib aching laughter that the fruitcake prediction caused me when it began all over again when as Dr. Willy Otunga was beamed into the living rooms of Kenyans across the country a single rather small silver stud poking out of his left ear shining brightly in the lights. This should have been a great day in our history, a day when big choices like that of Chief Justice and his Deputy are made transparent and competitive. In those seconds an uproarious debate arose. Everyone had something to say, from MP'S like William Ruto, who said that the country needed 'prayers' for nominating a CJ who wears a stud to the Catholic Church. It was more than evident that the church had its reservations when at a press conference held by the Kenya Episcopal conference earlier this week. The 4 men of the cloth; Cardinal John Njue, Bishop Cornelius Korir, Archbishop Peter Kairo and Archbishop Zachaeus Okoth raised concerns over not only the nominees but the process by which they were selected as well, Cardinal Njue stated that 'the manner in which the process was undertaken left many questions to be answered.'
They cited article 166 of the constitution which demands that holders of the said positions be of high moral character, integrity and impartiality.
When they were further pressed by inquisitive journalists the holy men could not pinpoint the specific reasons for their oppositions to the selections.
As for the Deputy CJ Nancy Baraza; her stand on the rights of homosexuals and abortion stated in a doctoral thesis she's hard at work on could be a reason for the churches standoffish nature.
The two candidates are highly qualified and well educated; the two also seem to satisfy the requirements laid out in the constitutions article 166. Maybe that is why both names were given the thumbs up by the President and Prime Minister. If those two can see past a piece of jewellery why does everyone else have such a problem with it?
Their names have been submitted to parliament for debate.


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