Between rocks and hard places

Now, I have to be honest and say that although I am not a golf fan - I do not understand it and so choose to stay away - nor am I one for gossip of any kind... But when I really think about it and the bigger this story gets, the more I realise that this cannot be scooped into the same category as mere tabloid fodder.
As news of golf's world #1 Tiger Eldrick Woods' 'transgressions' continued to emerge through out the week; and as more mistresses spoke up about their affairs with the first black man to win a major golf championship, the billionaire - as of next year - became increasingly wedged between a rock and a hard place; this was nowhere more evident than when wife Elin gave her husband of 5 years a do or die ultimatum - Golf or Me - to which he has responded by deciding 'to take an indefinite break from professional golf.'
This seems to me like a man who is ether very sorry - well that can be disputed because of the timing of said remorseful apology, coming after his 7th affair, not his first - and willing to work on his ailing marriage or one driven by the fear of losing a fortune if his swedish model wife calls it quits... But that's just me being a cynic.
Most people say that is just a man apparently being a man, whatever the circumstances maybe the jury is still out on that one...
Now, every ordinary person knows - or should know - that the only reason this story even made the news is that the subject is Tiger Woods; if it were Daniel who runs the kiosk on the corner nothing would have come of this tale. Millions of men do the same thing without even the beginnings of an apology.
Add to his already tight spot the professional fallout that the stories have produced: The fallout from his stepping out is unclear at the moment as his sponsors are sticking be the golfer; for now, but if and when the mistresses continue to surface the story maybe very different and ultimately costly for the Tiger.
I am left wondering why any man who has it as good as Eldrick 'Tiger' Woods would 'transgress' on his wife and two children, this afore seemingly humble man was living the good and charmed life... he has it all; at least it looks that way to all of those on the outside desperately looking in, envious of his good fortune.
Why would such a blessed fellow throw this life away?
Aahh yes, no matter how great his accomplishments are Mr. Woods has shown the world that he is just a man, a dumb one, who lacked good judgment and sane thought not once but - as of Friday - 7 times!
As of Sunday more mistresses have emerged from the wood work, 5 more to be exact, bringing the grand total - for now - to 11! This is a bit much; it maybe that some of these alleged mistresses just want their 15 minutes of fame and are using this present predicament to get it... well, it's either that or this Tiger is a serial cheater. According to people magazine Elin now 'knows everything'.
The afore predicted fallout seems to be happening as Gillette has pulled Tiger from its TV and print advertisements. AT&T is reconsidering their partnership with the golfer.


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