Dawn Of The Digital Government.

Tuesday the 9th was a good day for many reasons not least of which was that it was declared a public holiday to coincide with the new presidents inauguration which was an all day affair that began with local musicians entertaining the thousands at kasarani and the millions who watched the momentous and historic proceedings from the comfort of their homes.

Things really got going when the registrar stepped up to the side of the podium and asked the president-elect Uhuru Kenyatta to come forward, place his hand on the bible which would be held by his wife-and first lady Margaret at his request and while holding yet another bible with the other he took two oaths. This was then repeated by the Deputy President-elect and his wife Rachel. Next came the signing of their certifications and the pictures. At some point the outgoing president Kibaki- whose off the cuff speeches will truly be missed-handed his successor both the constitution and a very menacing looking sword that all would do well to steer clear of.
This was all to be complete by 2pm as per the constitution or be rendered null and void. It was a bit of a sprint towards the end but the pulled it off.

Then came the speeches and apart from that of that of the newly inaugurated president the most conversation and buzz worthy was that of Uganda’s leader Yoweri Museveni  where he took aim at the ICC and more shockingly he accused the Pokot (west) community of stealing his cattle- which angered them and many Kenyans. That said we should have expected nothing less from the controversial president who was among the first leaders to congratulate Uhuru Kenyatta on his win.

Then it the son of Jomo’s turn make his speech and essentially to reaffirm the various promises he made on the campaign trail. He reiterated his promise to create jobs for the many jobless Kenyans and free medical treatment and care for pregnant women, and in an effort to digitize the newest generation of Kenyan children the promised laptops to every new standard one student. He pledged to get this done within his first 100 days in office.

Little ones had begun praying and asking their parents about that promise since February and on social networking sites Kenyans were very creative with this promise in particular.

As is with all political contests there are winners and losers, any loss on a national stage is not only emotionally crushing but physically draining it is perhaps for this reason that the former PM and his Deputy of choice Kalonzo Musyoka; in search of some relaxation jetted off to SA. A break from which they returned on the 10th and although much ado was made of their absence during the inauguration, but the two veteran leaders insisted that the trip was a vacation and that they were back and determined to work for the good of the country.

It is to that end that the new President and his DP met with Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka today. This proves that there are no enemies in politics only marriages and connections of convenience. But for some reason the ordinary Kenyan seems oblivious to this well known fact and the results are ugly and very sad... 2007 is the perfect example.
What remains now is for the ‘digital’ president to get to work and first and possibly most awaited is the President and DP’s choice of cabinet members that mustn’t exceed 21 and mustn’t be under 11. With both leaders choosing 11 members.

As the former president (Baba Jimmy) happily retires and passes the baton of leadership we are left to wait and watch how this new, fresh, ‘digital’ government will sway the 5 million voters that did not cast their ballot with them and stem the would be tribal and ideological differences that exist.



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