Of chrystal balls and the 2010 world cup

You may ask what chrystal balls have to do with with the 2010 world cup... well nothing on the face of it, unless you're me that is...
Let's imagine or pretend to be exact- because what I am about to say may be quite outlandish, given the fact that I'll never be a fortune teller or handle a chrystal ball-that i am a fortune teller and that i can see into the coming year with the most vivid clarity.
Now, I'm gently rubbing the ball or waving my hands above it or doing whatever fortune tellers do to receive their pictures... I see Kenyans, lots of them , each with a small establishment of some kind making an absolute killing off of the 2010 world cup. Which to those of you who don't know or who are for some reason out of the proverbial loop comes 'home' to the southern most part of Africa form the 11 June-11 July.
This is normally a very special time for all football fans but this year is just that much more special simply because it's closer to home.
For those of us who can not afford to go tripping around S.A to watch the matches in the stadiums the best option is to go to a large or small bar or video hall, which in most cases is a room with a t.v white plastic chairs and a dstv decoder.
Believe you me, those who do not have establishments already will be rushing around frantically to set one up by at the latest, May next year so as to cash in on the increasing need to watch the worlds biggest soccer extravaganza!
These smart entrepenures will do anything to procure the much sought after cash including having the most competitive prices. I picture them now battling each other most fiercely, they will go at it as though one will win a Million dollars at the end of it all.
As for now a debate seems to be simmering- at least it is on the radio station i listen to- on which teams will choose Kenya as their practice camp.
Let's just hope that Kenya will see things the way my chrystal ball has foretold.


  1. Which reminds me, need to register a 'viable' business just to cash in on that critical world cup month next year! Any ideas?


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