Mr. Wetangula and the travel bans

AS i sit here sniveling,sneezing and waging all out war against a rapidly approaching cold I'm thinking of Moses Wetangula and his own battle-of words- with the Americans and in particular Mr. Ranneberger- the American ambassador to Kenya.
Mr. Wetangula has been quite vocal over the past few weeks over the travel bans issued by those in the land of the free. I think doth protest too much sir. Mr. Ranneberger is only 'the messenger'. Do not 'shoot' him for doing his job.
When I think about this rationally and without bias i come to the conclusion that the bans were enforced with the best of intentions. They were made out of tough love for us - because no other method seems to be working- from a 'son of the soil' and should not be taken as a sign of our inability in any way. It should be seen as a swift kick in our collective rump and an awakening to return to the path of swift reforms.
I do not think the travel bans will work long term but the sentiment behind them should have a lasting impact. The only reason I think this way is because such measures have not been successful in the past.
For now though Mr. Wetangula I implore you stop yelling at the messengers (Johnny Carson and Ranneburger) and get down to the work at hand sir.


  1. Hey you,
    kudos for starting this literary journey. Your right abt the Wetangulas, the thing with Kenyan politicians is that they are so used to kissing ass to impress the don (imagine kissing that ass), it’s kinda hard to even imagine what the dude was thinking about (if he was) when he decided to go public with his sentiments

    If anything what the guy should have sent out letters to those republicans who were shooting down Obama’s health bill. After which he should have sent he’s assistant to Washington with instructions revoking visa’s to all involved..

    at this point Mwakwere will ask "Is Ranneberger from Coast.."

  2. Maybe am abit slow but once I wanted to entera certain establishment (name withheld for security reasons) but the big guy at the entrance in a t-shirt showing his rippling muscles pointed to a sign board that read, "Management with-holds right of entry". Now, certain, high placed individuals want to gain entrance to the 'establishment' that is the USA and the 'Uncle Sam', I think is within his rights to point at the sign...

    Am sure if Uncle Sam was breaking any law, then Wetangula would be the first to cry out Ocampo's name in the name of atrocities against humanity, in this case, freedom of movement.

    Good one Haika...


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