Wako: 'I will sue!'

A smiling Amos shitswilla Wako walked into the press conference yesterday but beneath the toothy grin the AG was braced for a fight with none other than the worlds only superpower.
The AG had called the press after being informed that his visa had been revoked for impeding the reform process.
As he extolled himself, and his record of reforms and defended himself I could not help but think of just what he'd accomplished in his 18 year tenure as the countries chief legal advisor: Several cases- both in the Moi and Kibaki administrations- remain unsolved, they include: Goldenberg and the Anglo- Leasing scam.
With such a track record- of consistently failing to bring the participants of corruption to book- surely such vehement protestation was uncalled for.
Mr. Wako's admission confirmed what was already known or at least suspected by many.
The ban states that the AG can not set foot on U.S soil either for business or pleasure and this means that he can't visit the UN headquarters in New York which he often visits on business. The AG responded to these restrictions by saying; 'I have no desire to visit the U.S'
Really sir, not even the UN? These are the words of an angry man.
He went on to state quite categorically that he is 'a proud Kenyan', now, now Mr. AG so are we! He also repeatedly referred to himself as a 'reformist'. The jury is still out on that one sir, but if history is to be believed then there are question marks there.
Mr. Wako then went on to do something that made the corners of my mouth crack into a large grin; he uttered those fighting last words:
'I will sue the United States of America'.
At this juncture pause and take in this sentence...
Okay, I for one have never heard of a person suing a government much less an entire country! Mr. Wako said that the reason for his action was not to protest the ban but what he says is the defamation of his character.
There is a saying that only the guilty protest and if this is true then the A.G - who is protected by security of tenure - is most guilty.


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