Irreconcilable Differences: From Marriage to Divorce.

The newlyweds are no more; as it is with a large number of young couples these days so it was on Friday that the newly minted Jubilee Alliance downsized itself and restored itself to a two person marriage- the do after all say that three’s a crowd. As Mudavadi burst the bubble on the seemingly happy home on Tuesday by revealing the terms that led to his signing the marriage certificate saying that he had be betrayed and fed a false hood. He said that Uhuru had promised him the flag bearer ship in return for signing on the dotted line. That prize was too good it seems as Uhuru was to later renege on his once golden egg promise, saying instead that an agreement was reached but that he was pressured into it and changed his mind in favour for a delegate’s conference to select a flag bearer.

These differences in the end fractured the three part alliance. Members of UDF are disgruntled and angered by what they termed as impolite and an abuse of the collective intelligence of their supporters and Kenyans in general. Despite the parting of ways Mudavadi insists that there’s no animosity between Ruto, Kenyatta and himself and that the doors of reconciliation are still open.

This marriage like any other was hard and turbulent, with more than its fair share of ups and downs and so it’s no wonder why those older and wiser long married couples often say that the first five years are the by far the hardest. But as is often the case with political unions the first year has proved to be the hardest and with this new generation of political marriages when disloyalty, musical chairs, desertion marriage and political alliances and those in them will be blessed to last more than 6 months to a year.

Now that Mudavadi has been tossed out into the cold-after being third in a three man alliance- he and those in his party have chosen to do what they were doing before, go back to the drawing board and strike out on his own.

Earlier Today UDF declared that "It should be on record that Hon Mudavadi had already informed the couple of his decision to sever ties on serious grounds of dishonor, and lack integrity and commitment by the couple," In essence the party now claim that Mudavadi was already on his way out of the party when Uhuru and Ruto made the statement about their divorce.


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