Loose Lips:Lessons From A Big Mouth.

The mouth and more importantly the words that emanate from it are very powerful tools which when used recklessly, is not harnessed or for any reason goes unchecked can land anyone in real trouble and situations more slippery than quick sand. This is even truer for Kenyan politicians whose angel (who sits perched on one shoulder) seems to have taken a semi permanent hiatus or whom these men of power consistently ignore.

Good Advice:
‘Never pass up a good chance to shut up’ these were the wise words of advice passed down from a father to his son- granted that the two were actors in a Series remake of the most popular soap operas in television history: Dallas remade for a newer younger audience and that both father and son are ruthless and evil, -but one must admit it’s excellent advice that Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu would have done well to heed.

The MP whose lofty ideals of ascending to the dizzying heights of political power by securing the Governorship of Nairobi may now be somewhat dented after he let his mouth run before common sense and uttered what could only be called hate speech toward the Massai community living in the area and ordering their eviction  after the killing of a garbage collector in Kayole Estate by night guards.

The Art of Apologising:
Waititu perhaps sensing that he had thrust himself wholly into the dog house that is public contempt and a torrent of stern rebukes from fellow ministers tore the pages from Chirau Ali Mwakwere’s script when he went before the mercy of the public and humbly-or in his case- not so humbly apologised to the offended communities and the public at large- or at least that’s what he’d intended to do...


It seems JR Ewing is not the only person from whose advice the rabble rousing, stone throwing Embakasi MP would have benefited, as he would have been well served with a gentle coaching from the Congolese singing maestro –can anyone see Project Fame in this guy’s future? Who would have undoubtedly told/ taught his loud and outspoken colleague how to make his ‘I’m sorry for what I did monologue’ come off as humble and believable.


In The Masters Footsteps:
Much in the same fashion as Mwakwere and undoubtedly hoping for a similar favourable result The Honourable Waititu has gone to court to block his arrest and as public discontent and angry calls for his arrest continue both inside parliament and in the much harsher court of public opinion by friend and foe alike and members of the Massai community like long standing political veterans like Ole Ntimama continue to voice their displeasure over the remarks Waititu must surely be wondering why he opened his Big Mouth in the first place.


With any luck both Mwakwere and Waititu will serve as cautionary tales on the virtues of both choosing to say nothing at all and if they are unfortunate enough to land themselves in such a sticky situation get themselves out of it with a modicum of grace or at the very least look remorseful enough to make the apology stick.


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