Come Baby Come..

The babies Miguna Miguna taunted and called forth came and they brought it –as urged to do so-with a mighty thud with the Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko leading the way in calling for the PMs former aid to be investigated over his claims of being in the know about ODMs role in the Post Election Violence and all that would lead four Kenyans to be deemed fit for trial at the Hague these rather bristling claims were made against his former boss and his cohorts in his much talked about 500 page book Pealing Back The Mask this lack of loyalty seemed to anger his fellow luos as they marched in one voice against one of their own carrying signs depicting a coffin and going as far as to burn a coffin to demonstrate their disgust, they have now turned their backs on him much in the same way that he does with Raila Odinga : In so doing looked the gift horse in the mouth. In his tell all Miguna slings mud  indiscriminately at all the high profile politicians in the nation-in fact a politician would consider themselves lucky for  surviving  the book clean and unscathed by his seemingly very sour grape words of wrath.

Tobiko who is after Miguna for withholding information on a crime which he and no doubt every P.E.V victim and ordinary Kenyan  considers  a crime within itself is not the only person baying for Migunas blood, Caroli Omondi whose character has been besmeared within the covers of the book is suing the lawyer for defamation.  The book that was launched just this past Saturday was followed by a flurry of interviews, for a few days Miguna was the talk of the town but with the DPP demanding he be investigated the kitchen seemed to get a little too hot for the man from Luo Nyanza to withstand he packed up his family and luxurious house in Runda, took to the skies and left ‘home’ to go back to Canada where he first escaped to in 1992 on what he termed as a worldwide tour to drum up more publicity and support or should I say controversy- and if the PPD has its way stir himself right into an inquest- to up the sales of this much talked about novel  (with what onlookers and airport authorities say is a lot of luggage)  which mind you I have not and probably will not read as the price tag alone was enough to scare me away. But I must admit at this juncture that I have however read excerpts of the large hard backed slander machine that seems to take aim squarely at his former employer in a verbal attack and character assassination of all those who have dared to go orange!
Had I had the opportunity to ask the now missing Miguna anything it would undoubtedly be: Why did he not write and launch this-never read classic- before he was booted from his job for ‘conduct unbecoming’?

The grapes he was forced to eat must have been terribly sour for him to unleash his tell all memoir on an always eager public to then cry of the gathered cameras Come Baby Come then beat a hasty retreat because as the babies continue to come en mass Kenya discovered his brash words of bravado and claims that he would face ‘anyone anytime ‘  that he would even ‘defend himself’ were at the end of the day... just empty words and that he had decided to quietly and without ceremony Go Baby Go.


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