Beware Of Street Treats.

If you like me are a fan of the affordable yet tasty snacks peddled on almost every Kenyan street corner and love nothing more than grabbing a quick bite to eat while on the go then both you hunger and fond view of these often sweet or savoury snacks will be heavily dented if not completely vanish by the last word on this post – if not you have a stronger stomach and nerve than I.
Raphael Mrefu yesterday felt the definition of mob justice when he was set upon with sticks and blows of fury by a disgusted mob at Kongowea market in Mombasa when he slaughtered a cat that was scavenging the markets bins for a bite to eat. 31 year old Mr. Mrefu was caught in the act and promptly frog marched to the Dos office where he said that he was paid a peanut- esque pittance of 10 shilling by someone who he didn’t know, he also denied having knowledge of what the mystery man wanted to do with the feline’s meat.

This is gross enough except that it’s not the kicker that came when residents of the estate were apprehensive that the cats meat was on its way to becoming the filling of samosas at a nearby restaurant, the police further say that the mystery man is a restaurant owner and that Mrefu’s work is slaughter.  Some of the residents claim that this is not the first time such a killing has occurred and they say that yet another samosa trader is biding his time in prison for taking the ninth life of a neighbour’s cat.
The common street food is sold for between 5-10 shillings in the area. In this the Muslim holy month of Ramadan where believers fast throughout the day- from sunrise to sunset- in meditation and prayer then break their fast to feat at around 6.45 and when stalls and shops selling food such as this on every street corner make a huge profit from people leaving work and eager to return home from a busy –and starved-day at work.

I will not hide the fact that I am frequent street food consumer like many here in Mombasa and indeed around the country I find it hard to ignore my loudly growling stomach when face with some of the wide array of street treats but with the revelation of this sad, shocking and by far most gag worthy happening I will now employ extreme caution when faced with hunger and a deceptively inexpensive meat samosa as a menu option.


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