The Enemy of My Enemy...

As the week came to a close an increasingly aging rivalry was in a sense reborn as the Sabatia MP Musalia Mudavadi made no secret of his plan to topple his old ally and party boss in next year’s elections when he called for unity amongst the other political candidates in what he views as a merger strong enough to cause the PM’s fall.

 As time goes by it seems more and more like a united or umbrella alliance will be formed or at the very least a strong show of unity against a PM his opponents think should retire. Those seemingly in this ‘alliance’ include members of the G7 alliance Uhuru’s new party TNA and William Ruto’s United Republican Party and with Mudavadi aboard the G7 vehicle may just become G8.
“Uhuru has sent me here to tell you that he supports Mudavadi,” said Assistant Minister Lewis Nguyai. “He is ready to work with him with a view of supporting one presidential candidate. We have started talks with UDF and URP (such as) the meeting we had in Nairobi last week where we defeated our enemies.”

Now correct me if I’m wrong but a presidential bid or reasons for forming a party should not be to unseat a former friend but should be based solely upon solving or promising to solve the issues that face ones people, gaining the peoples respect and vote solely based on your strength leadership qualities and good track record as a leader-these are the points upon which to base ones vote.
Not all the members of the G7 alliance were supportive of this tactic as Eugene Wamalwa seemed to strike out on his own and distance himself from the plans of others in his alliance when he said he will not be involved in isolation of individuals or communities in the name of politics. He was so irked by what the members of his alliance are partaking in that he threatened to quit the alliance all together.

The Prime Minister, who has been accused by his detractors namely William Ruto of party hopping, refused to let the situation go without response in his usually metaphorical style saying that the emerging three prong alliance against him rose from a place of fear of his ODM’s strength  adding that their strategies would not work. He went on to say of his ‘opponents’: “They are like those rats who after making a nice bell started arguing who would tie it around the cats neck. TNA said no I can’t, URP said no I can’t and UDF said no as well. So, in the end nobody was able to belt the cat and that cat is called ODM” It is safe to say that the PM does not think too highly of his gathering ‘opposition’!


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