Waiting On Mudavadi.

For the last few weeks trouble in the form of disloyalty again visited the Orange Democratic Movement, the first time the party leader had to deal with a less than loyal team member; he fired him. Lack of loyalty is nothing new for our politicians, as they consistently seem to exhibit the trait towards those that lifted them to higher heights or enhanced their popularity with Kenyans I should not really be shocked given the self-serving nature of the political game not only in this country but in Africa and possibly even the world at large. It was indeed a week of jumping ship, thinking of jumping ship or shopping around for somewhere else to set down roots.

 In politics as sometimes in life friendships do not last forever and loyalty is yet another virtue- all be it a less talked about one- but I as I’m sure anyone value it immensely in my friends. As the elections near –possibly- as the election date is still undecided politicians tend to either join parties and form alliances or turn their backs on parties in favour of others, that is exactly what Uhuru Kenyatta did when he left Kanu (the mama na baba party) for greener pastures, leaving Gideon Moi to step up interim chairman to one of the country’s oldest political parties. The second ‘deserter’-well, he’s thinking about it- is Musalia Mudavadi who has now definitely ditched his old friend Raila Odinga and ODM for something else. The deputy PM was very upset about the decisions to last Tuesday register the party without first removing a constitutional clause that guarantees the presidential ticket to the party leader. 
 I for one don’t understand why he’s so miffed as this all comes down to the party Constitution/ rules. Under speculation that he was trying to ‘frustrate’ the Deputy PM’s  bid to gain the party’s presidential ticket the PM said Mudavadi is free to contest the party’s ticket and that he’s ‘supportive’ of plans to amend the ODM constitution. But that was before his old friend went shopping for somewhere else to pitch his electoral tent. For the last week or so Kenya has watched and read as the Deputy Prime Minister has consulted  with Peter Kenneth, Moses Wetangula (trade), Wycliffe Oparanya (planning),Noah Wekesa (forestry) , Najib Balala and a cross section of Luhya MP’s among others.

 He has also stated in his own defence that his “resolve to be a presidential candidate remains. Kenyans must have options of leaders. My ongoing consultations will continue and it is not confined to Western Kenya. I will engage other leaders from various parts of the country before making any announcements." But those around him have urged him to be cautious and chose another party before ditching the ODM and to do so with alacrity, if possible before the April 30th due date for party registration.

On the other had his old friend and ally is on record as having said that “Those preparing to leave the Orange Democratic Movement are digging their political graves. ODM is a strong party that will form the next government.” In a warning to his onetime political ally, Odinga stated that he (Mudavadi) would be quitting ODM at his own peril.   

As for where he goes next; the man from Sabatia will need to make that decision before the last day of this month.


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