The Day That Tinga Tinga Came Calling...

Last month the bulldozers were very busy as a long string of demolitions began in Syokimau then Eastleigh in Nairobi due to the buildings’ proximity to the JKIA flight path. The demos were enacted after several quiet notices were sent to residents with one even carried in the Daily Nation on September 15th. The residents – to their dismay- paid no heed to the whispered warnings, until twin yellow bulldozers paid them a rather rude wakeup call. This was part of a resolution by the government

The wrecking machines wreaked havoc for another day and left behind the rubble and ruin one would expect to see after a natural disaster. I like many if not all Kenyans felt saddened at the tales of lost dreams and the investments of millions now down the drain.

Now in the strongest statement against corruption the government has made in a while 12 Senior Lands Ministry officials have been given the boot, with more surely to come when through the inquest the corruption scandal was brought to light in which the officers colluded with agents to sell the land that is government owned to the unsuspecting Syokimau residents!

The take no prisoners stance that is intended as a strong message to corrupt officials comes hot on the heels of the third day of inquiries into the demolitions- where most notably Ferdinand Waititu the Embakasi MP claimed that the Prime Minister and his brother not only own a piece of the land but instigated the demolitions… 2012 anyone?
What I wonder is why the government even allowed the residents to begin building there what with the proximity to the airport, why not put a stop to it before innocent people invested their hard earned millions?


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