Will he ever give up...

Give up, stop, desist, leave it alone...

these are probably words that Mouamar Gadaffi has either never heard or utterly refuses to acKnowledge exists!

As he continues to pummel any uprising resistance to his iron fisted style of leadership and the death and injury toll rises the world has sat up, taken note and decided to act. Helping the ill eqipped and even worse trained Libyans take back their country.
The question on my and many people's minds is what if anything will get this 68 year old to give up and enter retirement... for good?

In a situation that increasingly looks like a war to win or in this case regain control of Libya and it's precious natural resource. Where sticks, stones and even guns have not worked thus far and where taking to the air is an increasingly tempting option. With a staunch leader such as this whom nothing seems to scare and whom nothing seems to phase and to whom no words will appeal... what or whom shall finally bring down the dictator?

I cannot talk about Ghadaffi or is it Khaddafy or Kadaffi without bringing up one of my favourite poeple...President Barack Obama.
Being in his land for as short a time as I have I must say that this man can not seem to catch a break... he's is dammed if he does or doesn't do.

Now indulge me as I make a for him against those detractors that say there's enough going on elsewhere without being involved here; the US only entered Libya after their allies (they/he did not initiate it) in an effort to help a own long time ally, gain their freedom from a man who is still believes that 'everyone loves' him despite there being a pseudo war raging outside his front door!
The unfair consensus in these parts by some is that he (Obama) has begun yet another war!

In closing I must wonder whether the risk taken by Obama in particular will pay off and achieve the necessary return of Libya to its rightful owners... ?


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