I will resign... in September...

As the protests continued to rage and gun fire rang out, Egypt's fearless leader- who seems to anger more of the population than he pleases- held a press confrence and stated that he will not run for yet another term -that was the good news- he continued his speech, then he stunned his dissenting and angry nation by stating that he would not step down until his tenure runs out in September!
A collective gasp was drawn by the irate crowd and, indeed all those seated in front of their television screens across the globe. He seemed to shoot himself in the foot in an attempt to justify his previous statement by saying that "it would be cahos" if he left any sooner... what does he call the daily riots?
This past week Mubarak's supporters made their much belated debut on the 2nd of this month. This mob rode atop camels and came equipt with stones, clubs, and throwing molotov cocktails at the afore peacefull protestors.

Then Friday came and with it an all too dangerous turn for international journalist's who dared to brave the streets of Cairo and do their duty to society as some were pushed and even descended upon with blows. But still they continued on to bring much needed light to a worsening situation, and a nation with almost no way to reach the outside world- mobile phone and internet usage have been shut down- the media is one of the only, if not the only way to get the message out.

The unrest in Egypt has put learers in neighbouring countries on notice with Yemen's long serving leader Ali Abdullah Saleh who declaired that he would step down come 2013 and that his son would not succeed him.

The diplomatic line is indeed a very tight rope to walk and President Obama continues to balance himself atop it. People must come to the realisation that he is hard pressed to tell this long time ally to leave -outright- for risk of alienating a friend in the war against terror but that he also only wants what is best for Egypt and it's people... a solid, working democracy, indeed that is what everyone wants.

Now all we can do is watch and wait with baited breath, hoping and praying that Egypt shall find a resolution in which no more lives will be lost.


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