For your amusement...

The past few weeks since I made my last entry have been both interesting and amusing...
The funniest of the occurrences must be that of the pastor who ministering under the promise to deliver good, single men to the thousands of single ladies who flocked the KICC on the 4th as the ‘apostle of marriage’ came to town with his bag of goodies, it was said that almost immediately after some of the women began receiving calls and proposals as if by magic, leading some to think that Chris Ojigbani is in tight with the good lord up above...
I however am very sceptical of the Nigerian pastor and am tempted to question what's wrong with going out there and just meeting someone? Call me old fashioned if you must but, in my opinion nothing beats a good old date/ conversation. I still can not believe the levels of desperation and continue to laugh at the prospect of an instant marriage... Anyone for an instant baby?

Yet another occurrence that served to get Kenyans all wound up into tight knots of fear, was the scam that occupied every mobile phone inbox and generated more calls than possibly ever before was the rumour to end all rumours as claims on sms spread like wild fire that a red number would appear on your cell phone and kill you. It proved to be an example of our gullibility as a people, when the mere act is virtually impossible. In the end the government restored sanity when they quashed the rumours by stating: Upon analysis of the messages, the Commission has established the warnings are a hoax generated by unscrupulous people bent on causing fear and despondency among members of the public. The hoax is in fact an old trick having made its first foray into society in Nigeria in July of 2004.


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