Pridefull Shame...

These past few weeks have been a fast paced rollercoaster ride that leapt between the pride of the nation to the pits of shame and disgust.

I for one was a proud voter and on August 4th I woke up earlier than usual had nothing to eat and made my way to the polling station, which I’m glad to say was not far from where I reside. The whole exercise took mere minutes after which the pinkie of my left hand was doused in purple ink for all to see. The problem I have now is how to get the pesky ink – now black – off, it went from looking good and a reason to brag to appearing like a child had let loose with a Crayola black marker! Then stayed up all night and into the wee hours of the morning, peeking into the minute by minute broadcast on my favourite TV station, it truth I only stayed up out of fear of waking up the next morning and finding that the results had been skewed. I had to finally tear myself away from the smiling, but most likely equally exhausted faces being beamed live onto my shiny Sony TV screen.

As we all know the country voted resoundingly in favour of the new document. The whole country – to which I am no exception-, waits with baited breath for tomorrow’s promulgation of the constitution into law.

In preparation for tomorrow’s celebration of our national rebirth the army, air force and navy have been in dress rehearsal with all their arms and finery in attendance. I must admit that I was not aware of the extent of power and military might. (It was the first time I’ve even noticed we possess tanks) and I, - like many Kenyans – was very impressed.

This happy and prideful feeling was soon to be thrust to the back of my mind as another Kenyan of ill repute was to try and sell his albino friend across the border, in neighbouring Tanzania, whose sorcerers use their body parts for their witchcraft.

As if this was not enough Kenyans had to take their unique skill set the US, where four people concocted a scheme to fleece Mr. Obama’s government. Didn’t they have the foresight to know that get rich quick schemes do not work...ever?

All I can say is shame on you guys, giving us all a bad name!
In and amongst all the politics, I am sometimes guilty of forgetting our sporting heroes, this week David Rudisha did us immensely proud by breaking the 800m world record, previously held by Wilson Kipketer, a

Kenyan who found gold and a good life with the Danish.

Oh, well I am off to enjoy tomorrow public holiday!


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