No love lost...

We have survived the quagmire and made it back into the light, sane and undaunted by the surrounding clamour. We have read between the lines and un waxed our ears for a better deduction of the cold, hard facts.
I for one am gladder than most that tomorrow, I will get a chance to have my feelings and thoughts heard and that those in postitions of power will be forced to live with my decision whether they like it or not. In short I feel quite powerful. It is because of this power that I will sacrifice the un yielding, warmth and comfort of my quilt covered bed, get dressed and march straight to the voting centre, single minded and prepared to affect change.
If you're not Kenyan or are thoroughly confused and haven't caught on to what I'm going on about, tomorrow we Kenyans prepare for a new dawn with a fare amount of trepidation over the after effects... we will go to the polls and vote either to enact a new constitution or not. But as tomorrow is still too far away (especially as today has only just begun its 7.54)back to the day at hand and the old men that have so perturbed me.
Now I am one of those people who delights in spending time with those who are much older and wiser than I in order to mine the golden nuggets of wisdom that they so freely share, having said that the old man I speak of just won't quit poking his fingers into the provrbial pie that is this country.
Correct me if I'm wrong but retired heads of state ought not to interfere in the running of the country they had captaincy of for a 24 year stretch. But this wise guy had to be different and walk the less travelled path as he joined those who oppose the proposed constitution, rebuking the current president for not fulfilling the promise of delivering a new constitution within its first 100 days in office... Now that promise was a stretch even when it was made, way too unrealistic and thus doomed to fail. Furthermore Mr. Moi seems to have conveniently forgotten about his own inability to deliver.
Never before has an immediate ex president been so vocal about the actions of his successor, I mean you don't see George Bush criticising and campaigning against President Obama on how he runs the country, it's just not done!
The other old and wise man in this story is the President who is well within his rights to support the constitution.
It is no secret that there is no love lost between Mr. Moi and President Kibaki but the campaigns for the draft document escalated their distaste for one another to new heights.
Picture this if you will, two smartly dressed, grown men in a square ring, each huddled in his corner with endless buckets of mud at their disposal, they are flanked of course by their advising team mates - here former foes are united by their common goals and beliefs - as to who threw the first handful of soft, warm and sticky mud at the other is unknown, but all hell breakes loose as the two sides engage in an all out war! What a mess, the people are amused but unimpressed. How glad I am that the slug fest will be all over come tomorrow, that is unless the losers claim that the whole operation was an exercise in the art of rigging!


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