Placenta Anyone?

I for one did not think things could get any more bizarre than they were I was proven very wrong this past week as the famous party of three was back in our faces, pointing the finger of god at us and declaring, in all seriousness – yes they were serious - that they were seeing red and saying no to the proposed constitution - to be voted on by the public come August 4th – and that they were each vying for parliamentary seats come 2012. They added that Hellon shall be vying for the Rongo seat, Easther will try her luck in Ratchwonyo and in perhaps the most bewildering and austentatious political move in a long time Quincy Timberlake announced bold and undaunted that he would be running for a seat in Langata the Prime Ministers constituency.
Now if you still don’t know why these three sat down, thought about then decided to name their political party after an organ in the uterus of a pregnant mammal, well Joseph Hellon, says that the country is in a ‘gestation period’. Their tag line is even more amusing ‘taking back Kenya… change we can count on.’ Had Kenya been lost or taken over by some alien life form so as to merit being taken back or saved?
What a name to give your political party! Whether this plot thickens or gets more insane remains to be seen. So now that he is vying for a seat in parliament he can’t possibly be president too! Or is the presidential plan on ice. He is another fellow who should either pick just one or pace himself!


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