Fingers and Miracles

The past week has had me shaking my head in disbelief and laughing probably harder than I should. The big story of the week is the Finger of God ministry and its leader Joseph Hellon along with his famous side kick Esther Arunga. Apparently Esther left her cuhsy job at KTN on last week for reasons that seem neither here nor there. On Thursday the 28 year old beauty came out to clear the air with some fighting words to the media saying that they were engaged in 'stupid reporting' and garbage reporting. She also revealed having quit her job with KTN, called off her planned wedding to Mr Malaba and was now living in the church mansion with Mr Helon and his wife Kuyu and other followers.

She also denied that she had shut her family and friends out of her life, although her parents and siblings expressed concern over her well-being.
Her 'spiritual mentor' Joseph Hellon with whom she lives in Runda was by her side where he stated that 'no news is bad news' and proceeded to declare his intention to vie for the presidency come 2012 to the shock of all including his flustered would be VP Esther. On Sunday the two and some of their followers were arrested amid allegations that their church is a cult but their lawyer Harun Ndubi says that the church is registered.
The investigations started after a former member of the church, Wilson Malaba, reported at the Kilimani police station claiming he had received text messages (SMS) alleging that he had killed Hellon's child and planned to kill Esther.
Mr. Malaba is also Miss Arungas ex fiancee.

Mr Malaba claimed that the wedding was called off after Ms Arunga was told by church officials that a famous American evangelist had identified somebody else for her.
I for one am surprised that this even made the news,that said it did shed light on cults and the like. If this was happening to anyone but Esther Arunga it would not have made the corner of page 10 let alone Tv.
Update: Hellons wife did not escape an inquest of her own as she was also taken to a station then later got out on bond or bail. Quincy Timberlake however remains in remand. In the mean time Hellon is milking his resurgence into the spotlight for all it's worth, after all no news is bad news! All I can say is good luck to him with 2012 because it seems that almost everyone is declaring their intent for the top seat...

Meanwhile in other more bizarre news, the followers and leaders of Kingdom Seekers Fellowship International held prayers this week for two of the churches pastors who were killed in a road accident last Monday in the belief that God can and will resurrect the two if the congregation prayed and believed.
Their death in a car that rolled on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, the faithful believed, was the work of the devil and the miracle was to shame the evil one.
Even a heavy down pour that pounded Nakuru did not deter the gathered believers as they continued with the aggressive prayers.
Update: The followers eventually reconciled themselves to defeat and buried the two on Thursday last week.


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