Esther Arunga is no more...

Esther Adongo Arunga is now Esther Adongo Timberlake. This latest twist in the tale came on Friday as Esther along with her mentor Joseph Hellon sat down with the press- the same media that she is suing and had earlier accused of ‘bogus journalism’- and told them that she was in the process of suing not only the press but her parents and famed psychologist Njenga for unlawful detention and sedation. She also declared that she was ‘happily married to Quincy Timberlake’ who is still in jail. When she was asked how the marriage had happened she quieried ‘don’t you know that people get married while on death row’ Well in case she was unaware her new husband is neither a dead man walking or anywhere near death.
The 28 year old wants 300 million from her parents Dr. Robert Arunga and Mrs. Petoline Arunga and had further asked the courts to restrain the two from interfeiring with her rights and freedoms. So this is how some choose to repay their parents for their years of love, affection and worry.
To be completely honest with you I was pleased to hear that Esther was getting the help – or at the very least evaluation that she seemed to so desperately needed.
The prosecutor said that she was sedated to detain her after she tried to escape from the Bustani Community Centre for the mentally retarded. She also said that her parents should know that she ‘is a grown up with freedom to do anything’ and that she has ‘nothing to do with them’
The courts however have refused to grant the former anchor woman her request of restraint saying that this was a mother, father, daughter issue.
Although the star had in another press conference said that she was not suing for financial gain I have to wonder whether she was telling the truth, after all she claimed that among other things she left her job at KTN because she was being underpaid. In case you haven’t been keeping count her suit on the press stands to earn Mrs. Timberlake a breezy 30 million. So if she is fortunate enough to win both suits it will make this seemingly confused beauty 330 million shilling richer... and she says it’s not about the money, I beg to differ!

Information Courtesy of: The Standard Newspaper, The Daily Nation and Google.


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