1,2,3,4... way too many.

The women of Central Kenya have finally awoken for the costly slumber of yester years. The sleep of 'mass production'. Today's ladies are wise to the fact that a family must be planned.
In the year 2009 it costs and arm to rear just one child from infancy to primary school alone and this does not take into account the recent economic down turn. Yes, a baby is a bundle of joy but more than three may just be a bundle! Don't get me wrong I love the mere site of them, but the fact still remains - they are not cheap!
The villagized woman however has not caught this bus as she continues to produce tiny tots undaunted, with seemingly no thought to how they may be educated or even fed.
Have you ever noticed that it is the lesser -financially- secure couples that produce en mass? For the life of me I cannot figure out why this is.
I recently saw a news report that highlighted the plight of flood victims on the coast; this story featured a couple with their seven children who had no choice but to share a cramped tent between them. The woman was pregnant with child number 8.
I may come across as a bit of an advocate for family planning, I just think it a sensible alternative, especially if - like many Kenyans - you live on a budget.
Contraception is a topic that still makes many people uncomfortable but I think it is too important to keep mum about.
For one thing it eases the families financially burdens and can help them plan for their tots' education and give him/her the best life possible. It also ensures that the child grows up healthy.
It can also absolve the parents from any future long standing guilt that maybe caused by their inability to provide for their children's needs.


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